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Dog transport box

Hunting dog transport box

What better way to go hunting than with your best friend on all fours? Henon shop has taken this characteristic into account and thus offers you the adequate equipment to go hunting with your companion.

Indeed, to go hunting, it's better to be well equipped and that doesn't only concern you but also your dogs! They are excited by the hunt? They want to bicker, move around? Test the dog carrier. You'll see, it works wonders. Thanks to it, no more car moving around, no more turning around to see what they're doing! You'll finally have peace of mind when you can go hunting with your dogs in a clean car!

Hunting dog transport box, but not only...

Our selection of dog carriers is not just for hunting dogs. You can use it for your holidays or trips. It is available in different sizes depending on the size of your dog. Adaptable, it will delight your dog and you at the same time. You will be able to travel in complete safety without your dog leaving the trunk and getting into the front seats. Moreover, with our dog transport boxes, you respect the regulation that says that a dog must not wander around in the car during transport. Finally, our dog carriers can also be used as dog kennels. This means that you will travel stress-free and quietly and your car will always be clean. 

Does your dog tend to get bored and become destructive at home? Our crate is made for you. Leave him inside to prevent him from doing anything stupid while you're away. For this kind of use, we advise you to take a slightly larger dog carrier so that you can put food and water in it. This will maximise his comfort and reduce his stress. 

The Henon team is constantly innovating in the field of hunting and today we have many models of dog carriers. Discover all of our dog carriers on our website and in store. Our team remains at your disposal to advise you and guide you towards the best choice for you.