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Hunting viewpoint  

A hunting watchtower is a high construction designed especially for hunting. It is used to see the surroundings from a high vantage point. It is perceived as an observation post. Open, covered, closed or completely naked, the hunting watchtower can be adapted to the desires and needs of each person. When it is covered and closed, it allows you to be protected and hide from the game. Thanks to this system, the hunter can consider himself "invisible". Indeed, the fact of being high up protects the hunter because most of the time, the big "game" does not look up because no predator is supposed to come from there. 

Henon Hunting Lookout: Easy to set up

All our hunting watchtowers are easy to set up to guarantee you a better grip. To install it, it is best to mount it directly on the chosen location so that the construction can be carried out correctly. Unfortunately, if you set up your hunting stand on a shaky site, it will also be shaky, which will put you in a bit of trouble.  The hunting stand is usually placed at a height of about two to five metres. That is why you should check the terrain and the installation before everything is finally installed.  The whole Henon team remains available to advise and guide you in your choices. 

Why use a hunting watchtower? 

The fact that the hunting watchtower is placed high up allows you to sharpen your shots. Indeed, by being less close to the ground, you will have a sharper angle of fire. This means that the bullet will not ricochet off your prey and will therefore make your shot easier to take. At Henon shop our watchtowers are designed and adapted to your needs. We think directly about all the uses you can make of them in order to bring you the best. We guarantee you, a quality material as well as a resistance to any test. Thanks to our hunting watchtowers, you will be able to enjoy your hunting parties in a comfortable and safe environment.