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Presentation of the rat poop

Mice, rats and other rodents have invaded your house? You don't want to kill them and would like to avoid using potentially dangerous chemicals. Then we have a good compromise for you. At Henon trap, among our products concerning rats, we have what we call a rat trap.

What is the rat trap? It's a small cage designed with steel or copper wire. It is used to easily trap rats and other annoying rodents. Reusable, the rat trap is practical and easy to use. It avoids the use of poison that could endanger your animals and children and it keeps the animal trapped inside alive. The purpose of the rat trap is to trap and not to kill. It even contains a small door designed to easily release the rodent trapped inside. This way, you can capture the animal and release it in a place far enough away where it can no longer bother you.

How do the rats get to my house? 

Rats are the specialists in looking for an environment where there will be no natural "hunter", that's why we often find them in attics or cellars. Rats know that the places they choose are not very frequented by humans. No longer having this prey status, the rat can therefore proliferate rapidly without worrying about it, and it is at this point that we find ourselves invaded by rats.

How to use a rat poop? 

To use a rat trap, all you have to do is open the cage door. This one will block itself thanks to a spring that keeps the door open. Once the bait is put in the cage, the rat is left in the trap and from the moment it eats the bait, the door will close the trap.

Do not hesitate to call us to advise you on the use and choice of your rat trap.