Mondial Relay : general conditions of sale 

V. Terms and conditions of delivery 

When the parcel is dropped off at the Relay Point chosen by the customer, the parcel will be taken care of by Mondial Relay by reading the barcode on the label printed by the customer. A numbered receipt will be given to the customer as proof of deposit. This receipt is to be kept by the customer. The parcel is sent to the Relay Delivery Point indicated by the customer during the registration on the internet and according to the options available for the destination country. The recipient will be notified of the arrival of his package by email and/or SMS, depending on the information recorded by the customer. The parcel is delivered to the recipient against presentation of an identity document and against a digital signature scanned on the Relay Point terminal. This signature, as well as the reproduction, are proof of the delivery of the parcel and the parties recognize to this signature a legal value identical to that of a traditional signature on paper. Packages are available to the recipient for a period of 14 days, packages that have not been recovered at the end of this period will be returned to the sender via the Relay Point drop-off. 

VI. Responsibility of Mondial Relay 

The responsibility of Mondial Relay is engaged in case of loss of the parcel or damage noted at the time of the delivery of the parcel to the addressee. The responsibility of Mondial Relay is exonerated in the following cases: act of negligence or error of the sender and/or the addressee in case of force majeure (unforeseeable, irresistible and external fact), inherent defect of the object, non-respect of the restrictions to the taking in charge of the parcel, of the obligations of the customer or of the conditions of admission of the parcel, object considered fragile (crockery, porcelain, bottle, glassware, ...).

VII. Delivery times 

Mondial Relay will make every effort to deliver the parcels within 3 working days from the date of pick-up. Nevertheless, no compensation will be due if this delay is not respected. 

Relais Colis : general conditions of sale

Both the Sender and the Receiver recognise this signature as having the same legal value as a paper signature. The withdrawal of the goods or document in Relais colis® by the consignee requires the presentation of an identity document by the consignee or his representative (identity document + consignee's identity document + power of attorney). If the consignee does not accept or does not collect the goods or document within 14 calendar days of receipt of the parcel in the Relais Parcel®, the goods are automatically returned to the premises of the CtoC operator. In accordance with the general terms and conditions of the order site, in the case of Services ordered on the order site from the RELAIS COLIS® Carrier, the parcels delivered and not collected will be stored by RELAIS COLIS®. The service initially paid for will not be refunded. The sender or the recipient may, if he wishes, organise a re-dispatch to retrieve the parcel, the re-dispatch costs being entirely at his expense. To do so, he must inform his CtoC operator and then organize the reshipment by placing an order on the Site at the relay of his choice. All returned parcels will be automatically destroyed after 90 days if their reshipment has not been organized by the recipient or the sender. Any damage or theft noted after acceptance of the goods or the Parcel Relay® document must be the subject of written, precise, complete, dated and signed reservations on the part of the recipient, to be sent to the customer service department of the C to C operator whose address appears on the transport slip stuck on the parcel label. 4.2 Deadline: Any goods or documents handed over on a given day from Tuesday to Saturday in a Relais Colis®, before the deadline specific to this Relay, will be made available in the Relais Colis® chosen by the recipient within the following 7 working days. This period of 7 working days is purely indicative and cannot be considered as contractual. However, RELAIS COLIS® undertakes to use the appropriate means to meet the deadlines set for the performance of the service.

V. Terms of payment for the service

Transportation and distribution charges are payable in cash, net and without discount. In the event of payment after the due date indicated on the invoice and without prior notice of default, late payment penalties shall be deducted, from the first day of delay, at a rate of three (3) times the legal interest rate.

VI. Responsibilities

6.1 Damage: The liability of RELAIS COLIS is determined by Articles L133-1 and L133-7 of the French Commercial Code 6.2 Loss or damage: In the event of loss or damage, the indemnity paid by RELAIS COLIS for any damage