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The practice of feeding

Using feeder is a practice that consists of feeding animals. Wild animals are most often targeted by this feed solution, but agrining is also used in the farming environment such as poultry farms.

Indeed, it is simpler for farmers to use the technique to feed their chickens, pheasants and various other birds. They can either scatter the feed on the ground or use a seed drill to ensure that their animals share the feed properly.

Usin feeders to feed wild animals

Feeder is often used for wild boar, but deer and game birds are also concerned by this technique. Most of the time, grain is used to feed them but some also offer carrots, beets etc.. However, this technique is not only used by farmers for their livestock. Indeed many hunters and trappers also use it. Agrarian farming is notably used on different territories in order to compensate for the lack of food in the natural environment of the animals.

With the modernization of the spaces, the animals have more and more difficulty to find their own food. This pushes them to move further and further away from their territory to find something to live on, sometimes in the fields. In addition, the animal population decreases, weakens and falls ill. In order to prevent diseases from spreading and being transmitted to humans, hunters, trappers and other people use grain to feed these animals in trouble.

This technique also makes it possible to keep a population of animals in a defined area. In fact, if the animals find food in one place, they will come back several times to feed. This is particularly useful for hunters and trappers to observe the animals' habits and to regulate predators and pests.

Seeding also helps to limit the damage that could be done to cultivated land and agricultural crops. Feeding the animals prevents them from moving to other lands, thus making them accustomed to feeding at a fixed point.

We can therefore say that there are three types of farming: deterrence, wintering and baiting.