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A quality hunting stand 

Whether it is for stalking or driven game, the hunting stand manufactured by SARL Hénon is of guaranteed quality. Each hunting stand is made of hot-dip galvanised steel. The steel guarantees the strength and the galvanisation guarantees the longevity of the hunting stand. Most wooden hunting stands are not made to last. Even if they are treated, they will rot after a few years.

Water seepage into the wood, followed by drought, fungus and mildew are all things that can make a wooden hunting stand less solid, less stable and more accident-prone. The advantage of a galvanised steel hunting stand is that it does not rust or rot, let alone rot!

In addition, every hunting stand sold on our website has a fixed platform made of grating. This means that you won't slip on it and you'll be able to hunt on a stable hunting stand.

Get rid of your prejudices

People tend to think that a hunting stand made of galvanised steel is too flashy. Because of its silver-grey colour, it is visible and does not blend in with nature. Firstly, after a few weeks outside, the grey that reflected the light will become dull and dreary. Secondly, animals such as deer, stags or wild boar do not distinguish colours perfectly. So the grey will not be more visible in the wild. Finally, galvanisation does not prevent your hunting stand from being painted. You can paint your hunting stand with any paint as long as it is water resistant. In addition, contrary to what you might think, a steel hunting stand is not noisier than a wooden one.

Some advantages of a hunting stand

A steel hunting stand is less imposing than a wooden stand and blends in better.

Contrary to what you might think, our metal stands are very easy to move. They take up very little space and only two people are needed to move a hunting stand in the forest. You can also put it on a trailer on the back of a quad bike and tow it for long distances. A wooden stand would be less easy to transport, if it is moved, it may warp and/or unscrew in places, making it more dangerous.

The metal hunting stand is very stable. With time and erosion, it sinks a few centimetres into the ground, regardless of the type of soil. This increases its stability.

Finally, in some French departments, hunting stands have been vandalised, destroyed or burnt. Some anti-hunters even go so far as to partially saw off the ladders of the stands so that the hunter falls and gets injured. With a steel hunting stand, there is no risk of it being burnt, sawn or destroyed.  

A customisable hunting stand 

Finally, our steel hunting stands are more customisable than you might think! Indeed, nothing prevents you from adding a camouflage net so that the hunter is less visible. You can also add a board across it to sit and aim calmly during a stalk.

Finally, you can paint it with spray paint, this technique is quick and efficient to camouflage your hunting stand.

Hénon Shop remains at your disposal if you have any question about our hunting stands. You can contact us if you have any questions about shipping costs for example.