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The triple dog crate, ideal for pick-up trucks

The pick up dog crate is so called because it is ideal for vehicles such as pick up trucks.

Indeed, it is a dog carrier with 3 compartments, so they are quite large. Note that the walls are removable, allowing you to reduce to 2 or 1 compartment.

The minimum width of a dog crate is 900 mm, so that your dogs will not be too cramped, and it fits all pick-up trucks.

Of course, we know how to adapt to each request, that's why we also do custom-made. If you have a tipper cover, a tonneau cover or a Top Roll type tipper curtain, you can opt for a 400 mm high pick-up dog carrier.

Hénon Shop quality

Manufactured in our workshop in France, the dog carrier is made of aluminium, a light and resistant material. The aluminium gives a nice shiny crate. The lightness of the crate will allow you to move it easily. Often, the rubber mats supplied with the crate are heavier than the crate itself... However, this lightness does not make the crate less resistant, on the contrary, in case of a shock it will protect your dogs perfectly. 

The sides of the crate are equipped with a ventilation system called a "gill" or "louvre", which limits draughts to the dogs as the crate will be placed in the skip, outside the vehicle. The dog crate is made with a closed roof, without handles to avoid water infiltration in case of rain. The stainless steel screws will prevent any rust from appearing. 

Your dogs will be comfortable and safe in their crate, if they are used to climbing in it at a young age, it will be like in the kennel. In addition, the rubber mats that we supply with the dog crate will allow them to lie comfortably. 

Safety first 

Accessories for securing the crate are available on our website:

  • Attachment hooks, sold in packs of 4
  • The safety option of passing straps, but you will have to take into account the height of the strap.

Concerning the attachment hooks, you can specify at the time of the order, at what height you wish them to be fixed on your body; Thus, your straps will be perfectly taut and positioned at the place of your tipper hooks.

As previously mentioned, aluminium is a very resistant material, and in the event of an impact, it will protect your dogs, unlike a plastic crate, which is less expensive, but deteriorates much more quickly over time, and, at the slightest impact, can be destroyed.  

Moreover, an article on the Journal du Chasseur explains very well why you should choose a dog carrier, and the differences between the different dog carriers. 

The law

According to article R 412-6 of the Highway Code, the driver must always be able to carry out the manoeuvres that are his responsibility. He must therefore not be distracted. Furthermore, the field of vision must not be reduced by the other passengers in the vehicle, so a dog can be considered a passenger. In this case, the dog must be tied up or locked up. Furthermore, locking your dog or dogs in a dog crate allows them to be protected.