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What is entrapment?

Trapping is a practice close to hunting. It is also called passive hunting.

The trapper can choose different trapping techniques depending on the different materials used. To practice trapping you must use the right equipment and use the right techniques for each animal. (Ex: cage, shoelace, snare). During this practice the trapper has the choice to capture the animals and/or to kill them. The traps will depend on the trapper's choice of killing the animal. 

Which species are concerned by trapping? 

This practice mainly concerns the so-called "harmful" species, such as foxes, crows, weasels etc... The list of harmful species in France is regularly updated, trappers must refer to this list.  The trapper can choose different trapping techniques which consist in capturing the animals by trapping them with different tools. Most traps are harmless to the animals, trappers simply drop a bait and the cage closes on the animal. Depending on the trapper's choice, some traps kill the animal directly. 

Trapping rules in France

Unlike hunting, trapping is not governed by hunting seasons. In fact, trapping is authorized all year round throughout France. However, not everyone can trap.  To become a trapper, you must have an approval provided by a training course. This is organized either by the national office of hunting and wildlife, or by a departmental federation or an organization authorized to give this type of training. 

In order to trap, the trapper is required to make a declaration at the town hall informing of the trapping sites. As for traps, they must be surveyed and checked every morning. You will discover in this section all the traps and innovations designed by the whole Henon Shop team.