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Henon seed drill

A seed drill is used to practise what is called agronomy. It consists in feeding wild animals or not (wild boars, hens, partridges, deer...etc). Agrining allows you to avoid the lack of food that winter can bring to your animals. It is a kind of food supplement allowing the good development of the animal.

It is not advisable to dump the grain directly on the land in question. Indeed, this would risk attracting too many people and different animal species and you would risk quickly being invaded. Spilling without a grain pan may result in food being consumed quickly. By scattering your grain on the ground, you risk over-consumption or quickly exhausting all your reserves. This is why we advise you to use a seed drill for this type of practice. Indeed, it will make it possible to pour the food in a precise zone and to avoid that it is devoured too quickly by the animals.

It is also recommended to use a feed hopper to feed your chickens, pheasants and other animals to make their feeding easier, as it will act as an automatic feed dispenser and make your task easier.

Seed drill and hunter/trapper

Hunters and trappers also use the technique of the agrinoir to reach their prey. In particular, agrinage is used as bait; the hunter knows where to go to find his prey. By using a seeder, hunters can thus obviate the habits of their prey over several days before hunting it. 

Agrining is also widely used to prevent damage to farmland. Indeed, feeding the animals will prevent them from moving onto cultivated land in search of food.

Different types of agrineries 

There are different types of seeders depending on the use made of them. At Henon shop, we offer you models adapted to your needs and to the animal you are aiming at. 

We thus have a special agrinator for each animal: wild boar, small game, big game, pre-release...