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Why use a trap cage?

Some animals can quickly become invasive. At first you think, "as long as they don't bother you, there's no rush to get them out of here". Then one day we realise that this animal must leave at all costs. Damage, bad smell, nightly "noise", everything to make your life difficult. Getting rid of an animal is not that easy. They are smart and will make sure they don't get caught. It would be simple to use rat poison to make them disappear for good. Unfortunately it is not that simple. The poison can be dangerous to your own pets, your children and the surrounding wildlife. You never know who will eat it first. That's why you should use a cage and/or trap system. 

Henon Shop quality

At Henon Shop, you will find suitable and quality equipment. They are easy to use and maintain. The advantage of using a cage / trap, is to have the choice to kill or not the animal in question.  With our cage and trap models, you will have no trouble getting rid of pests that bother you. With our simple capture systems, animals will not be wary. They will get into your cage or trap quickly. We have traps specifically adapted to certain animals (rats, foxes, weasels, crows and other pests...) guaranteeing you perfect trapping. We also have universal cages to offer, ranging from hunting crates to animal transport crates. We offer you all kinds of sizes of traps and cages that we have. A wide selection is waiting for you in our shop. We guarantee the quality and durability of our traps and cages!

Trapping in complete safety

The entire Henon team is at your disposal to advise you on the use of our products. Contact us for more information about the categories of cage / trap that we offer.