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Hunting stands

A quick reminder: The hunting stand, also known as a stalking ladder or stalking chair, is a high stalking post. The average height of a hunting stand is about 4 metres. Hunting stands are generally lower.

The purpose of this height is above all to make a plunging shot: a safe shot that will end up in the ground if the animal is not hit. It also allows you to see the game coming from a distance and to shoot without being hindered by bushes or tall grass.

What are the problems with a hunting stand?

The first problem is safety

Most hunting stands are made of wood. The big problem with wood is that it rots... Even if the manufacturer assures you that it is treated and will not rot, you know that your stand will never last more than 10 years. Have you ever stood on a tree stand covered in slippery moss? Have you ever said to yourself "if I don't get through this time, someone else will get through the next time?

Furthermore, even with proper treatment, wood becomes waterlogged and then dries out over the seasons and years. Moisture deforms the wood. Even if it looks stable when you first put it up, after a few years it will have become deformed, making it less stable.

As a result, the wood slips, the wood rots, the wood burns. In short, a wooden watchtower is not designed to live more than 10 years, it is a question of safety.

The second problem is a bit more new

For some years now, opponents of hunting have been vandalising hunting stands. Several local newspapers report accidents that sometimes border on disaster! Some fanatics even go so far as to partially saw off the ladders of wooden stands, so that they break under the weight of the hunter. In some areas, dozens of tree stands have been sawn down and put out of action. On other properties, wooden stands have even been burned.

The advantages of the metal watchtower

We decided to manufacture metal stands a few years ago for all the reasons mentioned above.

First of all, note that when we talk about a metal hunting stand, we are talking about a hot-dip galvanised steel hunting stand. This combines the strength of steel with the rust protection of galvanisation. Some manufacturers sell painted metal stands. Over time, the paint will peel and the metal will rust. And if you find that the galvanizing is too shiny, wait 4 to 6 months. As it erodes, the galvanisation will have lost its shine and your stand will be undetectable.

And because we try to develop the best quality products possible, all our hunting stands are anti-slip thanks to their galvanised steel grating. 

So yes, galvanised steel stands are generally more expensive. But if you compare their lifespan to that of wooden stands, you will notice that they are not that expensive. They are also more secure and harder to destroy than wooden stands.

In addition, most wooden tree stands are made abroad, mainly in Eastern Europe. By buying your tree stands from Henon Shop, you are contributing to the French economy as all our metal tree stands are made in France in our workshops.

We have also made a video to explain how to assemble your watchtower.