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Our selection of dog carriers

Our four-legged friends have an important place in our lives. Whether you are a hunter or not, the dog remains man's best friend and we wish him the best. That's why we at Henon have always thought of your faithful friends!

Dog car carrier 

We have for you a whole selection of dog carriers to meet your pet's needs. The dog crate is usable and adaptable for different practices. You go hunting with your pack of dogs but find it difficult to manage them in your car? They are a little impatient and prevent you from driving? With our dog transport crate, they won't cause any more worries. Our transport crate is made to bring them comfort and protection during your trips, whether they are short or long.

At Henon shop, we adapt to all your needs and we know that the comfort of your dogs is very important to you.

The adaptable transport crate 

Whether it is big, big or small, you will find your happiness with us. We adapt to all breeds of dogs. Whether you go hunting, travelling or other, our dog carriers are there to take care of your four-legged friend. Our crates can also be used if your dog is destructive. Every time you leave home, you find your house destroyed? Then our crates are made for you. Indeed, this one can be used as a niche. So when you leave, you can lock your dog in his kennel and he will not cause any damage. It still takes time for your dog to adapt but you will see that he will adopt it very quickly. Of course, don't forget to leave food and water in the carrier so that your pet's comfort is at its best.

Little tip: get your dog used to being in his carrier from an early age!