Small game agrarianisation

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Small game agrarianisation

During the wet and cold periods, it is essential to feed grey partridges and common pheasants.

Most hunting federations recommend one feeder per company in winter, then one per pair in spring. With a feeder filled with wheat, the effects are undeniable! 

What is the purpose of agrainage?

Small game is no longer found in the field during the cold season. And during the spring, proteins are necessary for its survival. In summer, modern agricultural techniques limit grain losses during harvesting. It is also agricultural practices such as ploughing that bury the grain.

Agrination is one of the best alternative means to limit the deficiencies of small game. There are many models of fixed agrainers. All you have to do is place them in strategic locations that do not interfere with the work of agricultural machinery. The installation of an agrainoir is generally done in consultation with the local farmers.

A good agrarian system is: one agrarian per couple in spring and one agrarian per company in winter!

Our advice: avoid placing them under a pylon, along a hedge or a wood which are places visited by predators. And if you have no choice, we advise you to use a harrier shelter.

Agrarian buckets with a capacity of 5, 11 or 30 litres (on sale on our website) can be fed with wheat or maize, depending on the spiral used.

Agrination is a worthwhile investment: 

Agrination requires time and energy, a round of feeding is generally necessary every 15 days. A round of feeding is usually necessary every two weeks, or even every week, if grain is to be available in the feeder at all times. Often territories are divided into agrarian zones, each of which is allocated to one or two hunters. But in exchange, and in most cases, the small game has a better breeding period. This is mainly due to a better physical condition of the pheasant hens and a lower mortality risk for the young.

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