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Our weasel traps

The weasel, like humans like to have their little comforts. He hates the weather, the cold and prefers hot and dry places. What could be better than a house for her then? The weasel prefers to nest in attics, storerooms and even chests. It can cause a lot of damage, usually it will be happy to nibble on your electrical wires. Although its diet usually consists of rodents (which can get rid of rats), the weasel will be particularly interested in your chickens' eggs if you have any. 

Very annoying, it is unfortunately not easy to get rid of them. That's why Hénon offers you his selection of weasel traps.

The weasel, a pest?

The weasel is declared a nuisance according to the departments. If it is not classified in this category, no help will be given to you concerning the trapping of the animal in question. Our weasel traps will help you in this task and make it easier for you. 

Our weasel traps are easy to use, thus guaranteeing a large number of trappers, beginners or not, to succeed in their trapping. Like most traps, all you need to do is put a bait in the weasel trap to make it work. Of course the weasel is not stupid and will try to check and understand these facilities. To make sure it can check them, try to put the weasel trap in a place where the weasel is likely to pass. This will force the weasel to consider the trap and visit it. Once reassured, the weasel will go inside without fear, so you can set the trap in motion. 

Catching without hurting

Hénon traps are specially designed to catch the animal without hurting it. With an attachment handle on the top, our traps are more easily transportable so that the animal can be released into another environment.