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"A hunter who knows how to hunt without his dog is a good hunter. This sentence can be considered as true, as well as false. How can you forget the pleasure of hunting with your dog(s)? You can't. The dog helps, the dog tracks, the dog traces the path that will lead us to our prey. He has always been man's best friend and as a good friend he helps us to catch our prey.  However, it is not always easy to take your dog hunting. First of all, because other hunters take theirs along and you have to cooperate and not let them fight. They must have the same objective.

What better way to go hunting than with your best four-legged friend? Henon shop has taken this into account and offers you the right equipment to go hunting with your companion.

Indeed, to go hunting, it is better to be well equipped and this does not only concern you but also your dogs! Are they excited about hunting? Do they want to bicker and move around? Try the dog carrier. You'll see, it works wonders. Thanks to the dog carrier, no more moving around in the car, no more turning around to see what they are doing! You will finally be at peace when you go hunting with your dogs in a clean car!

Transporting your dog with our transport cage

Generally speaking, transporting your dog is the most complicated part of hunting. Depending on the number of dogs, their character, their morphology or their breed, if you do not have a suitable car, the transport can be compromised. You don't want to go back and forth to pick up your dogs? Then use the Henon shop dog carrier! We guarantee them to be comfortable and safe for all your dogs. With this dog carrier, your dogs will no longer be able to get restless and will leave you in peace during your travels. Our dog carrier complies with the regulations for transport by plane/train/boat. At Henon shop, we guarantee you affordable crates that you won't forget.

Crates for transport but not only...

Our selection of crates is not only for hunting dogs. You can use it for your holidays or travels. It exists in different sizes according to the size of your dog.

It is adaptable and will delight your dog and you at the same time. You will be able to travel safely without having to worry about your dog getting out of the trunk and into the front seats.

Furthermore, with our dog crates, you comply with the regulation that says that a dog must not wander in the car during transport. Finally, our transport crates can also be used as a dog house. You will travel without stress, in a calm environment and your car will always be clean. 

Does your dog tend to get bored and destructive at home? Our crate is made for you. Leave him inside to prevent him from getting into mischief while you are away. We recommend a slightly larger crate for this purpose so that you can put food and water in it. This will maximise his comfort and reduce his stress. 

The Henon team is constantly innovating in the field of hunting and we now have many models of crates. Discover all of our dog crates on our website and in shop.

Our team is at your disposal to advise you and guide you towards the best choice for you.

The advantages of our dog carrier

The best thing about our dog carrier is that it is not just for transporting your dog! You can use it as a dog house for your dog to enjoy. Are you worried about your dog? Does he get into too much trouble when you're not around? The Henon shop dog carrier is the answer to your problem. Large, spacious, everything is there to make your dog comfortable. With it, you can leave with your eyes closed without looking back.