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What is a wild boar feeder?

There are several types of staplers, depending on what they are used for and which animal. Here is the detailed information on each agrainer:

  • A small game feeder is used to feed small game. This type of feeder can be used both on the plains and in the forest. It is used to feed small game (pheasants, partridges etc.) in autumn and winter. It is important that a feeder is always full during this period of the year. A small game feeder can, like any other feeder, hold wheat or maize, depending on the bucket or spiral you use at the bottom. 
  • A duck feeder is perfectly suited to feed your decoys. The large volume of 280 litres means you don't have to go and feed your ducks every day. Like the duck feeder, the "metal bollards" are a type of tank in which there is no need to put a bucket or spiral in the bottom.

If you have any questions about agrarian feeding, we advise you to visit the blog "Le journal du chasseur". There you will find all the information you need about agrainage, but also techniques for the maintenance and preservation of small game. 

The anti-boar stapler:

Amongst all this, there is the anti-boar stapler. As the name suggests, it is designed to resist wild boar. We do not guarantee that no boar will be able to take the grain in an anti-boar stapler, but it will be much more difficult. And even if they do manage to take the grain, your feeder will be intact after they have passed through. If you are looking for the strongest anti-deer feeder available, we recommend the metal bollard feeder. These bollards are made of welded steel plate and are planted in the ground. They are painted dark green.

If you already have buckets for your feeders, you just need to add armour around them to protect the bucket. 

Spiral or bucket?

Not sure whether to use a spiral or a bucket in the bottom of your feeder? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both:

  • The spiral is a form of spring into which small game will tap to make the grain fall out. The advantage of the metal spiral is that it is made to last over time. It is stronger and instead of breaking, it deforms. The disadvantage is that it costs a little more than an ordinary bucket.
  • As you can see, the bucket is less solid than the spiral. It is made of wire mesh, which breaks over time and can cause the wheat to fall to the ground. But the bucket is more economical than the spiral.

In short term, the bucket is cheaper and therefore more interesting, but in the long term, we advise you to opt for metal spirals. Finally, if you are bothered by wild boars, we advise you to use metal spirals in the bottom of your stapler. The boar will have more difficulty in taking the grain and breaking a spiral than with a bucket.

A French quality stapler!

All the staplers you will find on our website Hénon Shop are made in France in our workshops. For more than twenty-five years now, we have been manufacturing agrainers for hunters' federations, but also for other associations as well as for private individuals concerned with maintaining their small game.

When you buy an agrainoir made at Hénon Shop, you buy an agrainoir "Made in France" and thus you participate in the local economy.

Hénon Shop, always at your service.