Anti Boar Metal Feeder

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Metal bollard designed for small game farming. Made of metal and pivoting to resist the boar.



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Metallic Anti boar grainer

Technical data :


  • The anti-boar metal seeder is made of 15/10 sheet metal.

  • It swivels on its metal axis at 360°.

  • It consists of a post, a bollard and a cover.

  • Capacity: 25 litres

  • Dimension: Length: 45 cm, Width 30 cm and Height 140 cm

  • Colour: green

  • French production in our workshops


Use :

The metal Anti-Boom Seeder has a capacity of 25 litres and is entirely made of 15/10 sheet metal. It pivots on a 360° metal axis. This allows it to resist the attacks of wild boars and to preserve the grain or wheat to feed small game.

The Anti-Boar Metal Seeder consists of a stake that is driven into the ground, it will serve as a base and axis for the bollard. The height of the stake is 1.4m. The post can be reinforced with a solid tube. The bollard, which measures 15 cm x 15 cm inside, is then slid into the axis.

On the front and sides a 'cap' protects the opening from the rain to prevent the grain from getting wet. This cap protrudes 30 cm from the front. 

We will use the metal anti-boar seeder on a territory where the boar is present, and where the standard seeders are degraded.  Even if the cost of the metal anti-boar seeder is higher, it avoids to buy several times a year the seeders and above all it avoids a lot of grain loss.

The wild boar :

The wild boar is an omnivorous mammal, it is a nocturnal animal that can travel tens of kilometres at night. It can weigh up to 100 kg to 150 kg for the male and a hundred kg for the female. It is a huntable species in constant progression. Where it is found in excess it leads to numerous degradations, especially at the agrineries, an easy and abundant food source.


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