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What's a Mirador?

There are different types of hunting and each one has specific needs and accessories. Among these different hunting tools, we offer you a selection of watchtowers specially designed for hunters.

Usually it is installed between two and five meters high. Its main function is to be an observation post for fauna and flora. Many nature photographers use the watchtower because it allows them to hide from animals and to have a good angle of view. The viewpoint can be closed and covered like a hut or completely open. It is up to you to choose, according to your tastes and preferences. It is also widely used for hunting.

The watchtower for stalking

The watchtower is widely used for stalking. The hunter hides inside and waits until his prey is close enough to shoot. Thanks to the watchtower, the hunter is almost invisible to the game. Not expecting to have a predator above them, big game do not look up. The hunter can then take his time to shoot without the risk of scaring off the animal concerned. 

The watchtower for the hunt

Hunters can use them by putting them online, they just have to shoot on sight. 

Usually the material used is wood but you can also find galvanized steel if you prefer. With us, we offer you articles adapted to your needs. We advise you the best watchtower for your practices and we remain at your disposal for all your questions. At Hénon shop we also guarantee the high quality of all our articles. You won't be disappointed by buying here. So don't hesitate, take a look at all our products which are here to satisfy all your needs.