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The Hénon brazier

The Hénon brazier, made in France, in our workshops, is ideal to make your garden or your yard even warmer!

It will also be perfect to warm you up and rest after a good day of hunting with your friends!

Available in raw steel and also in Corten steel, you can choose from several visuals that will decorate your brazier while acting as an air intake to maintain the best possible flame.

What is a brazier?

Originally a low metal container, directly from Spain, it was used to heat flats in the past.

Fuelled by wood logs, it can also be fed with coal or reconstituted wood (compressed logs, wood pellets, etc.). 

There is usually a slight opening in the metal which allows better air circulation to maintain the fire.

Later on, it was democratized in the United States under the name of "fire pit", which is thus declined in superb decoration of garden, court, and also in improvised barbecue.

Indeed, it is possible to add a grill above the flames, which then allows to cook various foods. An original brazier barbecue that is just as tasty as a classic barbecue, which will certainly impress your friends and family!

Why steel?

This material, known to all for its solidity and durability, was chosen for the design of this product.

More resistant and malleable than cast iron, steel allows our workshop to create an object that is much more solid over time, and more aesthetically pleasing than a simple iron or cast iron brazier.

Furthermore, steel reduces the weight of the object more than any other type of alloy, making it easier to move without impacting its solidity! 

It is therefore possible to easily move this brazier in your garden or yard, or to take it with you on hunting weekends with friends!

In short, why choose steel rather than cast iron or any other alloy?

  • + More resistant than cast iron
  • Economical, due to its very long life, which is multiplied by 10 if you choose Corten steel 
  • + Simple to work with, resulting in a more aesthetic end product
  • + lighter without losing strength, so much easier to move and transport
  • + more resistant than aluminium or other metals to high temperatures

What is Corten steel?

This alloy, to which copper, nickel, chromium and other materials are added in small quantities, is also called self-protecting steel.

This final material then stands out with a rusting effect that develops naturally after a few months spent outdoors.

But beware! Your corten brazier (insert link to brazier product sheet) will not be rusty for all that!

It is in fact a protective patina that will give the object a rusty appearance.

This patina protects your brazier from corrosion, multiplying the life of the steel by 10, which is already a very durable material. It therefore requires absolutely no treatment or maintenance against rust!

So you can maintain a fire that will last a lifetime, without losing its aesthetic appeal!

Corten is originally used in shipbuilding and maritime construction to counter corrosion from salt water and sea air. 

A corten brazier is therefore ideal if you live a few kilometres from the sea or if you plan to leave your brazier outside all year round.

Moreover, its aesthetics and beauty are recognised by all, as many artists have given it a prominent place in their outdoor constructions.