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Our selection of coypu traps

The coypu is a species of American rodent that was introduced to France in the 19th century to exploit its fur. At the time of its introduction, it was only found in a few parts of France. Since then, it has reproduced and dispersed in more than 70 departments. The coypu is considered a pest in France, it causes a lot of damage and hunting it is totally legal.

The coypu likes to live near wetlands, such as marshes or ponds. It is very quickly mature and reproduces at high speed.

Among the most harmful animals

These animals are in the top ten most harmful animals in France. Indeed, they are not very easy neighbours. They are blamed for a lot of things. First of all, the coypu degrades and exposes the banks. It digs many galleries that weaken hydraulic works. It eats a lot, destroys nests and can transmit diseases. As you have been told, it is not the most convenient neighbour in the world. 

With all that he can do, how can you get rid of a coypu family quickly and efficiently? All you have to do is take a coypu trap! Among our selection of traps, we offer you coypu traps adapted to your needs.

Different types of coypu traps.

Cross or cage traps, they are both very effective. Maintenance is easy so you can keep them for a while. Our coypu traps can be used just like any other trap. A bait is placed inside, the coypu ends up going into the cage and the doors close behind it. Simple and effective, the Henon Coypu Trap is what you need to ensure your back and avoid being invaded.