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In order to meet the needs of its customers, the SARL Hénon now manufactures boar traps. The purpose of this boar trap is to capture these mammals in order to limit their damages on farms or urban areas (soccer field, or commercial area for example). 

We realize other types of wild boar traps such as multi-grip traps to catch several wild boars at the same time. This type of multi-grip boar trap is not available on our website, but do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. The SARL Hénon build wild boar traps for wine cooperatives in order to protect the vineyards, for example, but also for some agglomerations or for associations.

The wild boar : classified as pest in some departments

The trapping of wild boar is not authorized everywhere in France. To be trapped, the boar must be considered as a nuisance. Indeed, the use of a boar trap is subject to a prefectural order. This means that it can vary from one department to another. To find out if you can trap them, we advise you to contact the Federation of Hunters in your department. 

Wild boar damage is expensive!

In 2019, the cost of wild boar damage exceeded 80 million euros in France, and every year this record is broken. Human activity favors the development and even the proliferation of wild boar. Indeed, different factors have a direct impact on the wild boar population in France. Global warming, for example, makes winters less harsh and young boars are more resistant to winter, which reduces the number of deaths due to harsh winter weather. Urban sprawl is another important factor. We are nibbling more and more on the fields to build and the wild boar's habitat is progressively reduced. And in parallel, the constant decrease in the number of hunters in France (2 million hunters in 1980 against 1 million in 2020) has a direct impact on the wild boar population in France. The aim of trapping is not to replace hunting and beating of wild boars, but to compensate for all these factors in order to limit the damages caused by wild boars.

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