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Rat trap

The name "rat" most often refers to several species of rodents. Most of the time, they arrive and settle in without you noticing. It is through theft of food, rat droppings, holes in walls, scratching and nibbling electrical wires that we can notice their presence. The concern with rats is that when they do not have a predator in their environment they reproduce en masse and their gestation time is very short.

Do you think you have rodents in your home?

If you think you have rats in your home, you don't have to wait to get rid of them using a rat trap. It's a practical way to get them out of your home without killing them. The rat trap allows you to avoid spilling poison all around and inside your home. It will not endanger your family members or pets.

Different rat trapping techniques 

We have different types of rat traps to offer you. The rat cage for example, which is also called dobby or rat trap is one of our flagship products.  It allows you to catch the animal with a bait in the middle of the cage. The rat enters the cage and the doors close on it.

Rats are very intelligent and quickly understand the deception. Sometimes you will have to be patient and "gain the rat's trust" by removing the doors of the rat trap, for example, so that the rat is not afraid to enter the cage to eat the bait. Our rat traps are easy to use, adjustable and guaranteed good quality to meet all your needs.

All the Henon team will help you choose the best rat trap according to your problem. Do not hesitate to call us before ordering.