Solar mole repellent

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Solar rodent repellent

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Environmentally friendly & reusable

  • Emits sequential sounds and vibrations, signaling danger to moles.

  • Easy to set up: can be installed directly in the gallery.

  • Ergonomic shape: sinking more easily into the ground.

  • Ideal for gardens, lawns, sports fields and golf courses.

  • Effective on approximately 650 m2

  • Harmless to your family, pets, the environment and underground insects (earthworms).

  • Perfectly waterproof.

Designed to protect your garden from harmful rodents, the vole repellent is effective over an area of 650 m². It emits sound waves and underground vibrations that pass through tunnel networks to scare away moles and voles.

It is very effective and provides a humane and environmentally friendly alternative to death traps and poisons, but its success cannot be guaranteed 100%, as in some cases rodents get used to the sound waves.

Easy to use

  • Dig a hole in the ground and thread the pointed tube through it. To avoid damaging the unit, do not use a hammer and do not press it too hard.

  • Establish a supply connection with the top of the tube using the supplied electric end cap.

  • Attach the top of the repellent to the tube as shown.

  • Make sure that the unit is not planted too deep in the ground to prevent water from entering the tube. It is advisable to place the Solar Rodent Repeller so that the photovoltaic cell is exposed to the sun as much as possible so that the batteries can be fully charged. When first installed, it can take up to 2 days of sunlight for the repellent to become fully effective.

Solar collectors allow 24-hour operation

The solar vole repellent is powered by a rechargeable battery which, when fully charged, ensures continuous operation for 24 hours without any problems. When first installed, the repellent will require two days of exposure to the sun to become fully effective. This self-contained power supply is a huge practical advantage, as the location of the repellent in a garden or field is not dependent on any external power source.

Under ideal conditions, repellent is the easy and effective way to get rid of moles and voles, avoiding the use of death traps and poisons. However, certain conditions can affect its performance. The soil must be firm and solid to ensure optimal transmission of sound waves and vibrations. Loose, soggy or frozen soil is less suitable. Solar repellent may be ineffective on moles and voles with hearing loss or insensitivity to sound.

The vibrations and sound waves emitted by the solar vole repellent are, of course, completely harmless to humans, pets and the environment.


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