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The hunting stand

The hunting stand, also known as a stalking chair, is used to mark out hunting positions and thus to ensure the safety of hunters and stalkers during the hunt. 

The elevated position of the stand allows the hunter to have a better view of the surrounding area, but the hunter is also visible, for the safety of all.

During the hunting action, this allows for a clear shot of the game and therefore avoids accidents linked to ricochets, as safety in hunting is of primary importance.


Our hunting stands are made of hot-dip galvanised metal tube after welding, which gives them greater longevity over time, always for the sake of safety, as wooden stands rot and therefore present a fall risk for the hunter. 

The fact that the hunting stand is made of metal makes it much lighter and therefore transportable, you can easily handle it with several people to move it without the risk of breaking it down. The solidity of the hunting stand makes it less vulnerable to the increasing damage to hunting equipment. 

Our variations

We offer two heights of hunting stands. A small hunting stand with the platform at 1.5m and a higher one with the platform at 2m. They are equipped with a guardrail and the ladder is inclined for easy access.

We also have a much larger model at 4m which is mainly used for pigeon hunting.


The stands are delivered in kits on pallets. 

The assembly of the hunting stand is quick, it is done by mechanical bolting (all the necessary screws and bolts are supplied). 

It is composed of :

  • A straight element
  • An inclined element with a ladder
  • A base with a grating
  • A grating
  • All these parts are connected to the angle bars.

Below is a video of the assembly of a hunting stand: assembly of a hunting stand