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Your hunting stand in Hénon

A hunting stand is used to observe the surroundings from a high vantage point. In fact, it is considered an observation post. It can be covered, in order to protect and hide from view what is inside. It may or may not be enclosed, depending on who is standing in it. Most watchtowers are built directly on the chosen site. The material used to build them is usually wood, but there are also prefabricated ones that are often made of steel.

Easy to assemble, strong, resistant, light, safe... Our watchtower has it all!

Why use this type of equipment?

The hunting stand is designed for surveillance and for hunting, allowing you to hide at a height. It really allows you to observe the fauna and flora in all its beauty. 

On Hénon Shop, you will find 2 types of watchtower: for stalking or for hunting. 


This type of hunting is done with our 4-metre stand. It is a real observation point that does not disturb the territory in which it is placed. Moreover, the person standing at the top of the stand will only be slightly detectable.

This type of hunting stand allows :

  • Observe, count and analyse the behaviour of the species;
  • To carry out selective shooting for the purpose of regulation.

Hunting by battue

This type of hunting is mainly focused on stags, wild boars, hinds and roe deer. The stands are therefore smaller, ranging from 1.5 to 2 metres high. This is a much more traditional hunt and the rules must be followed to the letter in order to avoid any kind of accident.

We advise you to visit the blog journal du chasseur to learn more about these different types of hunting.

Choose quality, choose metal

Metal is more weather resistant than wood. In addition, this material makes the hunting stand lighter, allowing it to be transported without having to dismantle it. 

The structure is also slim, allowing the stand to blend in better with nature, even more so when the galvanization patina is applied. 

How do you assemble a metal stand? 

When assembling, care must be taken in the assembly of the parts and the location chosen.

All of our stands are easy to assemble to ensure a good grip. To install it, it is best to assemble it directly on the chosen location so that the construction goes smoothly.

The structure is usually placed at a height of about two to five metres. For this reason, it is important to check the ground and the installation before the structure is finally installed.

Poor terrain can lead to safety risks. The hunting stand is usually placed at a height of two to five metres from the ground in order to have the best possible view.

Why use one?

Having a hunting stand has several advantages. You will be hidden from the eyes of your prey. Moreover, if you want to catch big game, being high up is a great advantage because their predators rarely come from above. The game will come out of its hiding place without thinking for a second that you are above its head.

In your stand you will be completely invisible because the animal does not check what is above it, which makes it the ideal prey.

In addition, being high up in the hunting stand you will have a less acute angle of fire with the ground and your bullet will therefore have a better chance of not ricocheting.

This is why Henon offers you quality hunting stands to make your dreams come true. We are at your disposal to discuss your project and advise you on the most suitable product.