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The Henon fox trap shop

Pests in your garden? A passion for trapping? Henon shop has what it takes in terms of traps to trap whatever you want. 

Among our selection of traps, we offer you fox traps adapted to your needs. Several kinds of fox traps exist and at Hénon, we have many to offer you. Going from the snare to the lace, our traps are easy to set up allowing everyone to use it. They are just as easy to maintain in order to keep them in good condition as long as possible.

The mini-pulley

In our fox trap lot, we have a trap we call the mini henhouse. This trap allows us to bait the fox so that it can get into the cage on its own. In fact, the fox has always taken advantage of everything it finds in its environment. So what could be better for him than a small enclosure with chickens that will serve him as a meal?

Thanks to this trap, the fox will be attracted by the chickens and will thus easily come to the doors of the false henhouse. Thanks to this system, our fox trap will give him the illusion of "hunting". Thus, you will be able to capture it easily and without hurting it. On the same principle, we have the fox trap monobloc which allows you to put a live bait in order to bait the fox. As with the mini henhouse, the fox will enter to capture its prey and the cage will then close behind it, making it a prisoner of its own ploy.

Don't forget that the fox is a cunning animal, which is why it is necessary to cunningly catch it. Thanks to our traps, the illusion is already ready, no more need to get your hands dirty. The fox will come to you as easily as a dog after a treat.