Multipurpose Trap - 30x35x100

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Multipurpose Trap - 30x35x100


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The tawny box 30x35x100

Technical characteristics of the trap :

Ultra versatile trap, it is suitable for many different pests and easy to use and does not kill.

Product painted in dark green

Dimensions : Width = 30cm; Height = 35cm; Length = 100cm

Trap made in France in our workshops

How to use a tiger box?

The tiger box is a very easy to use trap. You can use it as a trap for weasels, coyotes, raccoons and use it against many other pests or to retrieve a cat. It's a trap that adapts too many environments.

You can also place a bait on the trigger paddle. This way, the animal triggers the trap when it comes to eat the bait. If you use a bait, you can open only one door of the trap and place the bait at the very bottom of the trap.

It can also be placed along a wall or a fence for example. Many animals are accustomed to walking along walls as they move around. In this case, you just need to open both doors and no need to put bait in the middle. It is a very easy trap to set and there is no training or authorization required to use it. For example, if you are annoyed by a weasel, you can use the tawny box as a weasel trap.

A real weasel trap!

The weasel is a pest that can cause just as much damage as the fox. The tassel box can be used as a weasel trap without any worries. A weasel in a chicken house is a real threat for all your chickens. Initially, it only comes to feed on eggs, but if the chickens panic, it can kill them all with a single bite to the neck. A weasel trap can therefore be a preventive solution before damage occurs. In this case, the beetle box is a perfectly suitable weasel trap! Simply place the weasel trap along a wall where a weasel is most likely to pass. Remember, however, that no chickens will pass through the trap and place it outside the chicken house. The hen will not be killed, because this trap does not kill, but if the hens have access to it, they will be caught foolishly. 

To sum up, the 30x35x100cm beetle box is a very good weasel trap but let's not forget that it remains a very versatile trap that can be used against coypu, raccoons and young foxes.


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