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The Hénon simple aluminium dog crate

The aluminium dog crate is ideal for transporting your dog, it is made of 2 mm aluminium, so it is light, resistant and easy to maintain. All our other crates are also made of aluminium, the advantage of the simple aluminium crate is that it is the lightest, as it has only one compartment. It therefore takes up very little space, depending on the dimensions you choose. It is therefore perfectly adapted (and adaptable) to any type of dog, from the smallest to the largest.

For the well-being of your pet

The well-being of your faithful four-legged friend is our priority, and we attach great importance to the design of our aluminium dog carrier. Entirely designed in our workshops in Verton in the Pas-De-Calais. From the design of the plan, to the cutting, folding and assembling, everything is done in our workshop. This is why we are able to assist you in your purchase. The breed of dog is to be taken into account as well as the size of your vehicle. It comes with a rubber mat to provide the comfort your pet needs when lying down. We can also adapt to your different needs, so we also make custom crates.

Lightweight and strong

Its lightness and size make the aluminium dog crate very practical, so you can remove or put your crate back in your vehicle without too much effort. Thanks to the handle on top (which you can choose to put on or off), you'll have a good grip to move it around. This makes it ideal if you don't transport your dog every day, or if you want to clean your crate. If you wish, you can add a key lock option.

In terms of construction, you can choose to have vented or gilled sides. For a closed vehicle we recommend the vented side panels for better ventilation. Our vents are deburred so that the edges are not sharp for the dogs, so there is no risk of injury. Although lightweight, the dog carrier is very strong and will last for years.

Aluminium is a strong material that can withstand high mechanical stress, such as in the event of a crash, or environmental stress, if your crate is placed outside the vehicle, such as in a pick-up truck. Your pet will therefore be protected in case of an accident. 

An article written by the Journal du Chasseur summarises very well why you should choose a metal crate rather than another transport solution for your pet. You can see that only this type of product can offer your dog optimal protection. 

The law

In addition to offering comfort and safety to your pet, the aluminium dog crate complies with the Highway Code. Indeed, if we take a closer look at article R 412-6 of the highway code, the view must not be impaired by other passengers, and must be able to carry out the manoeuvres required of it. This article is quite broad, but it implies that the dog can be considered a passenger in its own right. If the dog is not tied up or locked in a crate, for example, it can obstruct your view or prevent you from concentrating fully on the road. Therefore, if you are stopped by a law enforcement officer, he or she is entitled to fine you.