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The Billard trap

It is a fox trap imagined by a professional guard in the great era of Sologne which gave it its name. Nowadays, the Billard trap, also called PBR, is produced by the Hénon company. 

The main advantage of this trap is that it is equipped with an arm activated by a very powerful spring. This system has two advantages:

- First of all, it allows to tear off a heavy cover or a cover made with too long straw strands which would prevent the good functioning of the Billiard lace.

- The lace is at the same time and thanks to the force of the spring thrown high on the animal's leg, which prevents the fox from freeing itself by pulling very hard.

The Billiard is equipped with a fairly large release paddle.

Story of using the Billiard trap

"I am 34 years old, I am a farmer in Ile-de-France, a hunter and a certified trapper since April 2006... My main problem was the use of the lace trap. I was using the Belisle trap but I only caught one fox and I missed at least 5 with this trap. I tried everything, sand, sawdust to make my charnel house... A lot of time spent for a null result."

Try the Billiard trap

"Following your article, I tried the PBR Inox, the Billiard trap, and I must admit that the difference is enormous. Indeed it is the trap that pulls the lace and not the animal. In three weeks I have caught three foxes in the charnel house, including two foxes this morning: 100% success with this fox trap. I use a chain kit, which is very practical because you can reuse the trap. I recommend the Billiard trap to readers as it is very effective and even easier to set than the Belisle trap. When the fox puts its paw on the pallet and is captured. "

The passion of the Billiard trap

"Trapping is exciting and I think you'll understand from my record since May 2006 (132 crows, 9 magpies, 3 weasels and 10 foxes) that if hunters want to find game it will be a must. But it requires a lot of time and technical means.


This fox trap has proven itself and continues to do so. The Billard is very popular with its users because it is relatively easy to use and promises a high catch rate. 

You can find it on our website, individually or in a set of 3 or 6 to take advantage of a promotion.