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The Hingiol trap

"I have been using this fox trap for some time and I am very satisfied with it. I would like to share it with you.

A trapper's account

"I use the "charnel house" trapping technique, on a 4m x 4m square passed with a rotovator. I make a hole in the centre of my square, at the bottom, a large stone and a hen on top of it, all tied with wire, the hen will be covered with 3 cm of earth. I place my lace traps in a row, with my bare hands. I place three Hingiol traps in a triangle about 50 cm from the hen. To prevent soil from getting under the trap paddle, I use greaseproof paper. The traps are covered with about 8 mm of fine sieved soil. Each lace is connected to a 50 cm pole with a short chain and a swivel. To ensure a better grip with my Hingiol laces, I place a sardine after the swivel of the lace and before the chain. Be careful, all the scrap metal (Hingiol lace, fox trap, chain kit), everything is boiled in a mixture to inhibit the smell of scrap metal."

Setting the Hingiol trap

The Hingiol trap must be set with gloves to prevent the animal from smelling human odour, which would greatly increase its distrust. 

The setting of this fox trap is often done in a pit or in a small pile of sand, thus promising numerous catches.