Fox Trap 1 entrance

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Fox Trap 1 entrance with one caller compartment



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Fox trap 1 entry

Features :

  • Fox trap composed of a single compartment with 1 entrance.
  • Cage used for the capture of fox, stray dog, weasel.
  • Trigger by paddle.
  • Made of galvanized locksmith mesh 50x50 diameter 4mm.
  • Dimensions: 75x75x100cm
  • French manufacturing in our workshops

Whether it's the first time you capture a fox or you are an experienced fox trapper, the 1 door fox trap offers you the durability and efficiency you need for trapping. This trap is also intended for the capture of stray dogs or weasels.

This cage is built with galvanized locksmith wire mesh to give it resistance against time and weather.

The fox is an animal classified as a nuisance in some departments, due to its predatory nature and the diseases it can carry. When releasing game, the fox wreaks havoc by stalking and killing its prey. In addition, it is also a carrier of a disease, alveolar echinococcosis, which is transmitted to humans. It is therefore necessary to regulate this species in order to guarantee public safety, hence the interest of the fox trap. 

Laying techniques :

Place your fox trap in a passage frequently used by foxes, such as along your henhouse, aviary or enclosure. You can put a bait in the middle on the pallet if you wish. The animal will then be lured into the cage and will be trapped once the pallet is triggered, thanks to the sliding door that closes behind it. 

The fox trap is therefore ideal to protect all animals that are easy for the fox to attack, such as chickens, birds...

The fox:

Before setting your fox trap, make sure you are sure it is a fox trap. The fox is a canine, with the general appearance of a slender and fairly small dog. It has large, pointed, erect ears. Its coat is generally reddish brown. Its length varies from 50 to 90 centimeters (without the tail), with a weight ranging from 4 to 10kg. The fox causes a lot of damage to poultry houses, but also to small game. Its favorite preys are rabbits, hares, poultry, birds, etc... The fox knows how to adapt, it eats what it can get the most easily. It is therefore necessary to capture foxes with a fox trap to protect all these animals.


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