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Rat trap - 1 entrance

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Rat trap with 1 door, perfect to catch grey rats, muskrats or stone marten.



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Rat trap cage - 1 entry

Technical data :

  • Trap category 1
  • The dimensions of the rat trap : L16,5 x H16,5 x D50 cm
  • The grid is in 19 mm x 19 mm mesh.
  • Product painted in khaki green
  • Made in France in our workshops


The rat trap an entry :

This cage trap replaces the "faggot". It is also called dobby, rat cage, rat trap or rat trap.

This rat trap makes it possible to catch the animal without killing it. This model has an entrance. It is ideal for the capture of grey rats and small pests. This rat trap is equipped with a carrying handle, to facilitate the handling of the cage once the animal is captured, and avoid any risk of biting. It is advisable to handle the rat cage with handling gloves, to avoid disease transmission. As a reminder, rats can carry leptospirosis, a disease that can be serious for both humans and animals, especially your dog.

Advice for use :

This specially designed rat trap of small size, facilitates its installation in parks and aviaries. It must be positioned either along a fence (or a wall) or on a place where the pest regularly passes. We know that rats like to walk along walls, but the best thing to do with a 1 entry rat trap is to place a bait in the bottom of the cage to be sure to capture it quickly. Place a bait (cat kibble, cheese crust, bacon or table scraps...) at the bottom of the cage to make it more attractive.equipped with a small entrance to avoid the capture of poultry in parks and aviaries. The animal triggers the rat trap by passing over the pallet, which causes the door to close. This trap can be placed really everywhere! It is very versatile, easy to set and the rat is not a fearful animal, so chances are that you will trap a rat within hours or days after setting this trap. Since this rat trap does not kill, does not injure, simply captures, the killing of the animal must be thought out in advance to avoid that it suffers. For this, several methods exist. For example, you can put the cage in water to drown a rat, or shoot it with a pellet rifle. Both methods are quick, and kill the animal in a few seconds. The use of rat poison is not recommended, but we advise you to put food in the cage without arming the rat trap and to let the animal come and eat in the cage so that it gets used to it and is not afraid to enter. As soon as the bait disappears regularly, turn on the catch box. For more tips on trapping rats, The Hunter's Diary with the article "how to get rid of rats" will be able to help you. Finally, if you find it easier to use a two entry rat trap, you will find your happiness on our website in the category Rats / Small Pests.

Rat Trap

How to recognize a rat?

The gray rat, also known as the Norway rat, brown rat or sewer rat, is a nocturnal rodent. It measures about 25 centimeters and its tail about twenty centimeters, so it is smaller than its cousin the black rat. The rat is obviously considered a pest, so this rat trap is perfectly legal and can be used by everyone!


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