Multipurpose Trap - 20x20x60

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Multipurpose Trap - 20x20x60


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Weasel trap Hénon

  • Tawny box 20x20x60 2 entries.
  • Mesh 19x19.
  • Equipped with a carrying handle.
  • These traps are used for the capture of grey rats, muskrats, rabbits.
  • Product painted in green.
  • French manufacture in our workshops.
  • also called cat flap, dobby

Our weasel trap: 

Accustomed to calm, you realize that a weasel has snuck into your home (or garden)! The question arises: should I invest in a weasel trap? 


Very quickly, you will notice material damage, especially with the degradation of your electric cables, car cables or even with your torn insulation material, but also olfactory nuisance due to the strong smell of the place where the animal does its business. 

As far as its food is concerned, the weasel feeds mainly on rodents (which is the only positive point of its presence), birds, insects and fruits, but also eggs, so be careful if you have a henhouse. Moreover, if this pest manages to get inside, no hen will be able to survive after its passage, taking pleasure in killing them all. 


The company Hénon shop can fix this problem for you. Thanks to our weasel trap specially designed to capture pests, we bring the solution to your worries. Our traps allow you to capture the animal without injuring it, as well as to easily transport it to a more suitable environment thanks to a carrying handle on the top. 


Where to place your trap?


The weasel, which is an animal that lives mostly at night, can hide in many places, preferring warm and dry places to shelter from harsh weather conditions. They can be found in :

  1. Storerooms
  2. Embankments
  3. The attics
  4. The barns
  5. The chests
  6. Etc...

If you don't know where the animal is hiding, inspect all these places before setting your weasel trap to maximize your chances of catching it quickly. After inspection, simply place the trap in a place where the pest is likely to pass, so after a moment of questioning and mistrust, the weasel will want to grab it and get trapped, after the sliding doors are down.

Nevertheless, be careful, the weasel is a pest that will not hesitate to defend its territory if it feels in danger. 


Advice for use 


Our weasel trap is available in many sizes, from the smallest to the largest, allowing you to maximize your chances of capture. Like most traps, you will only need to put a bait inside to attract the pest (like a nest with an egg or shells inside for example). 

Easy to use, our weasel traps are suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced users!

Be careful, remember to defuse the trapping mechanism if you have children likely to play near the trap, to avoid the doors closing suddenly. 


What does the law say?


The weasel is considered a protected species in some departments, so you should take precautions before buying a weasel trap. This information is available from the hunting federation in your area, so do not hesitate to contact them. 


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