5 litres feeder bucket

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5 litres feeder bucket



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The 5-litre agrainoir bucket

Technical characteristics of the bucket:

5 litre bucket with an internal diameter of 21 cm. Sold with its lid and its gridded bucket for wheat. Ideal for feeding pheasants, partridges, hens, wood pigeons and your decoys. If you need a stake to secure your feeder, we also sell this type of five litre feeder with its stake. You will find everything you need in the AGRAINING category. 

What is its function?

In reality, a feeder has several functions:

Firstly, in autumn and winter, a feeder provides birds with additional food to keep them in top physical condition and get them through the cold weather. A feeder creates a landmark, which allows pairs to settle in the vicinity. Around this landmark, a buzzard shelter can also be built, a watering hole added or a pre-release cage placed. In the event of prolonged snowfall, it provides all the food they need to survive. It therefore reduces winter mortality. To find out everything you need to know about agrainage in autumn/winter, you will find everything you need to know in this article from the Journal du Chasseur. 

During the brooding period, a feeder is used to reduce the risk of predation on hens by allowing them to find food quickly and in large quantities, regardless of the weather conditions. Thanks to the feeder, the hen can limit her movements, thus avoiding prolonged absences from the nest.

How to use a feeder?

Easy to install, on the plains or in the woods, this feeder will allow you to feed partridges or pheasants during the winter months and in spring when food is scarce. It can also be placed in breeding aviaries before release on the hunting ground where the pre-released game will easily recognise the agrarian spots. Finally, it can also be used to feed chickens or wood pigeons. It's all a question of habits, but you should know that these birds get used to the feeder very quickly, especially in winter and when they have nothing else to eat. In any case, the most important thing for a feeder is that it is always full, or at least contains a minimum of grain. In the bottom of the feeder there is a cup that allows a little bit of grain to fall out when the bird taps it. But you should know that other systems exist, such as the spiral feeder.


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