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Long Hénon Spiral for wheat

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Metallic spiral for feeder


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Long spiral wheat Henon

Technical characteristics

  • Dimension : Length 9 cm
  • Made in France in our workshops
  • The Henon wheat long spiral is made of metal 
  • It is composed of two parts: the base and the spring. 

This set will be placed and fixed at the bottom of a bucket drilled to the diameter of the hopper (about 5 cm in diameter) - the hole in the bucket is of larger diameter if it was drilled for a wire mesh stalker bucket you can change without any problem for a Henon long wheat spiral.

The bucket is filled with wheat and closed with a lid - see for example our product sheet "11 litre bucket". 


The Henon long wheat spiral or hopper is used to feed small game (partridges, pheasants), but also all poultry. 

The small game is positioned under the bucket held in place by a support - a stapler post

It taps with its beak on the long spiral of Henon wheat and the wheat descends, the game can then feed on the grains on the ground.

Why do we feed small game?

The availability of food is one of the main factors to consider in game management. Food directly and indirectly determines the survival and reproduction capacity of individuals. On the plains, most of the territories managed for the grey partridge are often stalked, all year round or in part, to meet the birds' various seasonal needs. The Henon long spiral is much more durable than the wire bucket (rats manage to destroy the bucket to feed) - we recommend this spiral for a longer life.

Remember to trap rats, even if the Henon long spiral is resistant, rats are very present near the feeders. Rat cages should be permanently set up in the passages and during the feeding period.


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