blackened 2,25mm diameter collar

blackened 2,25mm diameter collar

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Fox trap, blackened 2,25mm diameter collar


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Fox trap, blackened 2,25mm diameter collar

Characteristics :

  • Snare trap designed for fox capture
  • Galvanised steel cable
  • Product painted green to blend in better with the environment
  • French production in our workshop
  • All our traps are approved

How to use it :

The loop of the fox trap must be able to slide between a stopper and a stop so that the animal cannot strangle and the diameter does not exceed 20 centimetres. The snare trap has many advantages: it is inexpensive, quick to install and has a good success rate. Furthermore, this fox snare is blackened to provide better camouflage in the wild.

The fox snare can only be used by licensed trappers. 

The fox is a cunning animal, so don't forget to wear handling gloves when setting your fox trap, so as not to leave any odours. Also, these gloves will help protect you from any diseases that the fox could transmit to you. 

You can also choose on our site a fox collar blackened, or not blackened, of diameter 1,8mm or 2mm, individually or in batch (PROMOTION). 

Laying techniques :

There are many ways to set your fox trap, the most well known and certainly in casting, but there are many others such as :

  • At the manure heap in the plain
  • In plough furrow 
  • In terrier's mouth
  • In straw wheel
  • At the fence
  • Star-shaped 

It is advisable to renew your fox snare trap after each catch to maximise your chances of success.

Finding the fox

To trap this animal, you must already know where it is circulating. Therefore, observe the clues it might leave behind, such as footprints, hairs... Besides, the fox uses the same passages when it wants to cross wide ditches or large embankments. Once you have detected the crossing points, all you have to do is prepare yourself and set your fox trap. 

For more information, read this article in the fox trapper's journal!


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