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2 rat cages 1E

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Rat Trap 1 entry in set of 2


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Rat Trap 1 entry, set of 2

Category 1 trap

Dimensions of rat trap : W16.5 x H16.5 x D50 cm

The mesh is 19 mm x 19 mm

Product painted in green

Made in France in our workshops

The Hénon rat trap

The rat trap is the solution to replace the old fags. Versatile, safe, this trap allows to capture the animal without killing it. Moreover, given its size, you can also trap other small pests, even muskrats. 

The trap has a carrying handle on top so you can easily move it. This is ideal when a rat is trapped inside, thus avoiding any risk of biting. However, we still advise you to handle your rat trap with gloves to avoid any disease transmission. We remind you that rats can carry leptospirosis, a disease that can be transmitted to humans as well as to animals. 

Advice for use 

Being small in size, this rat cage can be placed in many different locations, such as in parks and aviaries. To maximise your chances of capture, you can position it at the exit of a passageway, or in a regular passageway. 

To catch this pest more quickly, consider putting a bait at the bottom of the cage, such as cat food, cheese crust, bacon, etc.) 

The rat trap door closes when the animal is placed on the trigger paddle at the bottom of the trap. As your rat is not a timid animal, you do not have to hide your cage.

Should I choose a 1 or 2 entrance cage?

It all depends on how you are going to set your trap, because nothing changes between these traps, except for an extra door. The 2 entrance rat trap is more suitable if you place it along a wall for example. 

Note that the rat trap avoids the use of chemical substances, such as poison. It is therefore perfectly ecological and can be used for a very long time.


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