Crow Trap - 2 entrances

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Cage with crows 2 entrances, i.e. 3 compartments with the caller.



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Cage for crows 2 entrances 

Technical data : 

  • Dimensions : Length 100 cm x Width 50 cm x Height 50cm.
  • Made in France in our workshops
  • Mesh size 50 x 25 mm
  • Sliding doors
  • The backstage of the entrances are green.

Rectangular in shape, the 2 entrances corbel cage has 3 compartments: 

  • 2 trapping compartments with side entrances: the drooping doors are operated by a pendulum system. The latter holds the door open in the wings, it folds down as soon as a bird perches on the trigger.
  • A central compartment reserved for the restraint of a live caller previously captured.

Usage : 

The crow cage is a first class trap, which means that it can be placed anywhere. It is specific to the capture of crows, but can also be used to catch magpies or other corvids. The 2 entrances crow cage is very practical and very attractive. Indeed, the triggering mechanisms are very sensitive and it is easy to put it near houses, hedges, in a path or near a watercourse. This type of cage allows the capture of corvids on the ground so the accidental catches could be animals that would enter the crow cage while walking. The caller must not be from the same territory, which will create, for sure, the visit of the crow cage 2 entrances. Crows will not tolerate strangers and will come to hunt them.It is essential to feed and water your caller as well as to create a small corner of shelter for him. The only weak point: the 2 entrances crow cage is, as its name indicates, limited to two catches, after which the doors are closed, so you have to raise your traps regularly (which is mandatory by law, before noon, in any case).

In period of brooding, do not hesitate to iron a second time during the day. 

There is also a larger model with 4 entrances: Cage with crows 4 entrances.

 Corvids :  

They are often found in the countryside as well as in the heart of cities. At the same time nesting, migratory and wintering, the black crow gets its name from the black color marked by its plumage and has a beak more arched and massive. It measures about fifty centimeters for a weight that varies from 400 to 600 g. The black crow is nevertheless a formidable predator that can have very significant impacts on nests and young individuals of small game. 

Because of the nuisance it causes to seedlings as well as to nests of phasianids and anatidae, the black crow is likely to appear on the list of harmful species and therefore to be trapped.

As a reminder: The crow cage 2 entrances is a type 1 trap, it is, in general, used by approved trappers to regulate crows.

French manufacture in our workshops


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