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Tawny box set 30x35x100

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Technical data :

  • Ultra versatile, easy to use trap
  • Tawny box with 2 entrances to capture live pests without injury.
  • Dimensions : Width = 30cm; Height = 35cm; Length = 100cm
  • These cages are used for the capture of mustelids, young foxes, rats, weasels, skunks, mustelids or other animals likely to cause damage.
  • Product painted green.
  • French manufacture in our workshops.
  • Also called châtière.

Usage :

The tawny box is a versatile trap, which can be used to trap all types of vermin. Indeed, you can capture mustelids such as weasels, foxes (be careful with the size of your fawn box), rats, coypu...

It is a trap for everyone, novice or experienced trapper, no special authorisation is required. In addition to being intended for everyone, the tawny box is very easy to use!

You can place your tawny box along a wall, as animals tend to run along it when they move around. Thanks to the two entrances offered by these traps, no matter which way the animal comes, if it enters the tawny box, it will be instantly trapped. 

You can also place it in a place where the animal you wish to capture usually passes through, or along your henhouse. 

This lot will allow you to place your traps in different places, thus maximising your chances of capture. If the dimensions do not suit you, we also offer other batches of tawny boxes 30x30x100 and 35x45x120. Ordering in batches will allow you to benefit from free delivery charges.

Attract the animal

To maximise your chances of capture, it is highly recommended to put a bait in the middle of the tawny box, on the trigger paddle. The bait can change depending on the animal you want to trap. Opt for eggs or meat bait for the fox, which will be attracted by the smell, fruit or vegetables for the coypu, eggs in a nest for the weasel... There are many different baits available depending on the type of animal. 

The animal will be attracted by the food placed in the centre of your tawny box. After a moment of mistrust, it will enter the trap to take the bait that you have previously placed in it. The animal will then activate the closing mechanism of the doors by moving the paddle. This will cause the sliding doors to fall back and the animal will be trapped in the tawny box. 

This trap is ideal if you have chickens, ducks, pheasants, poultry, partridges and aviary birds.

The tawny box has a carrying handle on the top, allowing it to be carried easily without risk of biting. As a precaution, it is nevertheless advisable to wear handling gloves to protect yourself as well as possible.


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