Magpie Trap with 2 entries

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Magpie Trap with 2 entries



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Cage with 2 entrances :

Technical specifications :

  • Rectangular cage specific for catching the magpie.
  • It includes 2 trapping compartments with side entrances and a central compartment for the caller.
  • Allows you to capture 2 live magpies!
  • If you are using a live caller in the central compartment of the magpie cage, place a tile above the compartment so that the caller is sheltered from the rain and remember to give him food and drink.
  • Dimensions: 100x40x30cm.
  • Made in France in our workshops

Use of the trap :

The magpie is a species of corvid considered as a pest in many departments, the magpie cage is therefore frequently used to cope with their proliferation. When the magpies are in pairs in the spring, they are not very tolerant of other individuals of their species present on their territory. When they are numerous, talkative magpies have a negative impact on passerine populations. Indeed, several studies have shown that in rural areas, the growth of magpie populations will contribute to the decline of birds nesting on the ground or whose eggs are easily attacked. The magpie also wreaks havoc in the nests of passerines that depend on these environments (warblers, chickadees, goldfinches, black-tailed reds, bullfinches, shrikes, etc.).

Laying techniques :

If you have noticed magpies but have not located the nest they were going to choose, you can put your magpie cage in an orchard, along a hedge, in the fields, under a tree or in any other place frequently visited by these birds.  Don't hesitate to move your trap often to their hunting territory.  

The magpie fears the sun and is also sensitive to rain. It is therefore essential to put a plate over part of its intended behaviour in the magpie trap.  

The magpie is a wary bird, so make sure that your trigger is well positioned so that the door falls quickly. If you are using a live decoy in the central compartment of your magpie cage, place a tile over the compartment to shelter the decoy from the rain and remember to give it food and water.

The magpie : 

With a wingspan of 60cm, the chatty magpie has a black and white plumage. It usually lives near towns and villages, cultivated land with bushes, parks and gardens. The main places where it causes damage are orchards, market gardens, eggs...


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