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Batch of 30 snares - diameter 2mm

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Fox snares - diameter 2mm


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Collar trap 2 mm

Technical data :

2 mm diameter collar trap

Steel cable 1m long

French production in our workshops

Approved trap complying with strict regulations

How to use it :

The 2 mm snare trap, stop collar is an approved trap for catching foxes. The trapper can use it in many situations :

In casting, in the woods and in crops,

Made of plough furrow, plain and straw,

In the mouth of a fox's den.

To approach the run, make sure you come in from the side or go along it on the outside, without going inside of course, and choose a narrow passage to tighten your snare trap. 

The 2 mm snare trap has many advantages: it is very efficient and quick to install, and it is also inexpensive, so you can install a lot of traps.

The loop of the 2 mm snare trap must slide between an irremovable stop that prevents the animal from being strangled and a stop that prevents the diameter of the opening from exceeding 20 cm.

It is generally placed in the runners. Once in place, the lower part of the 2 mm snare trap must be at least 18 cm and at most 22 cm from the ground. However, this condition does not apply when snares are placed in burrow mouths, or any other fox trapping operation in buildings, yards and gardens or breeding facilities. 

We also offer a choice of 1.8mm or 2.25mm diameter snare traps. 

Laying techniques

Our advice: Use our chain kit to attach your 2 mm snare trap. It allows you to follow the movements of the captured animal and avoid twisting the snare. Renew your snare after each catch.

Don't forget that foxes are very cunning, use handling gloves to set the 2 mm snare trap to avoid leaving traces and odours after you have passed through. 

Once trapped, also remember to put your gloves back on to protect yourself from potential diseases that the fox can transmit. 

The 2 mm snare trap is made in our workshops, a quality French manufacture.

The hunter's diary goes into more detail about all the different techniques used. 

Important :

The use of the 2 mm snare trap, snare with stop (category 3) meets certain obligations (approved equipment, declaration, daily visit respecting the schedules...), but above all pay attention to the installation height between 18 and 22 cm from the ground. 


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