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Batch of 3 Billard traps + 10 snares

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Batch of 3 Billard fox trap + 10 snares

10 laces

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Set of 3 billiard laces traps and 10 spare laces

Technical data :

◦ Dimensions : Length 47 cm; Width 14 cm; Height 12 cm

◦ The Billiard lace trap is a very easy to use active fox trap.

◦ Powerful, it allows a strong fox catch.

◦ The arm has a rotating nail and a false mesh.

◦ Made of stainless steel.

◦ Approval number PH 807. 

◦ Each trap is supplied with one laces, so you will receive 13 laces when you order this set.

◦ Made in France in our workshops 

How to use it :

The billiard fox trap is reserved for approved trappers and is subject to very strict regulations. However, it is no less difficult to use, indeed, this fox trap is simple to use and proves to be very effective. With this trap, the capture of the fox is guaranteed! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trapper, you will get good results. It is a powerful fox trap that ensures a good success rate. 

To set this fox trap, you only need to push on the pulling arm. As far as the bait is concerned, favour something with a strong odour, such as poultry, meat waste, offal... The fox will be attracted by the smells given off by the trap. 

Once attracted, the animal will end up putting its paw on the pallet, which will drag its "arm". A simple pressure is enough to trap the fox. The shoelace then tightens around its leg. The fox will be trapped and will not be able to escape. 


Technical advice :

The fox is a very cunning animal, which is why you have to be ingenious when you take a break. There are different ways to set your fox trap:

◦ At the dung heap

◦ In the sand heap

◦ Charnier

◦ In the open air

◦ Gardening

◦ …

The manure pile technique works relatively well, because the fox feels safe between the two "walls" made of manure, the fox will become more confident, more distrustful and thus more easily trapped. 

Precautions :

It is advisable to change the laces of your fox trap after each catch to increase its efficiency. 

Also remember to wear handling gloves to avoid any risk of biting or infection, including the alveolar echinococcosis disease that can be transmitted by foxes. An article in the hunter's journal explains what it can cause in humans.


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