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Batch of 25 Billard snares

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25 snares for Billard trap


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Set of 25 billiard shoelaces

Technical data :

  • Set of 25 laces for billiard trap.
  • Its length is specific to this trap.
  • Made of metal cable, it is equipped with a non-return device called "half moon" which prevents the laces from opening after the catch.
  • It is very important to renew your shoelace after each shot to ensure the best possible result from your trap. 
  • Made in France in our workshops.

The lace trap 

A lace trap ensures a high catch rate. A trap is called a "lace trap" because it uses a lace to capture the fox. When the fox puts its leg on the pallet of the trap, a lace tightens around its leg, making it a prisoner. They are not dangerous for the animal because they are not tight enough, which prevents the fox from injuring itself.

This type of trap is reserved for approved trappers, subject to strict regulations. 

For which trap ?

Hénon offers three different models of lace traps:

  • The billiard lace trap in stainless steel, also called PBR. The set of 25 shoelaces is intended for this trap. It is easy to use, a simple push on the traction arm will allow you to tighten this lace-up trap. It allows the capture of the fox for sure. Generally, this trap is placed in a manure pile, in a mass grave, in the ground or even in a sand pile. Made in France in our workshops. 
  • The Hingiol lace trap is less imposing than the billiard trap, but just as effective, it is robust and efficient. It is made of stainless steel and electro-galvanised steel, with a safety system. Just like the billiard trap, it is manufactured in our workshops in Verton. 
  • The Belisle lace trap, like our two previous traps, is also made of stainless steel, which makes it rust resistant. It is technically similar to a Hingiol lace trap, but is a little less powerful.

One type of lace for each trap

Not all laces are compatible with all traps. You must therefore be careful when buying them. 

We also sell lots of 25 laces for the Hingiol and the Belisle. If you don't need as many, we also offer single laces for the Hingiol and Belisle. 

All our laces are made in our French workshop. 

An article in the hunter's journal lists the different types of traps that can be used for fox trapping, including lace traps.


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