Fox snare - 2,25mm

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Fox snare diameter 2.25


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Snare trap

Technical specifications :

  • Trap collar diameter 2,25
  • Steel cable 1m
  • French manufacturing in our workshops 

How to use :

The snare trap is used to capture foxes. The regulation height of the installation is between 18 and 22cm from the ground. This height regulation does not apply if you use it as a fox burrow mouth. The most common practice to make it hold is to pinch it at the top of two wooden sticks that you will have previously split to be able to slide the snare trap in it. This slanted stick will keep the snare trap at the right height. The collar trap with stop is a discreet, very effective and inexpensive trap. Quick to install, the snare trap is easier to use in terms of regulations. It is necessary to make sure of the frequentation by looking for footprints, hairs hung on branches, wire mesh or barbed wire. The principle is simple, the loop slides between an irremovable stopper that prevents strangling the animal. 

Installation techniques :

At the dung heap: place the snare trap at the entrance, put a few branches around it to prevent the fox from going over it. The bait must be covered with a little manure. Base of the snare 18cm from the ground. In straw millstones: the fox is happy to settle in the millstones, it feels safe and protected from bad weather. Find the entry and exit holes as well as the presence signs. The compacted straw makes it easy to plant your holding rods. The collar trap must be stretched just at the entrance. The holes in the straw wheel are considered as burrows. To the fence: as soon as a hole is spotted, hang a snare trap with one or two rods split at both ends. You can also attach it with sewing thread or very brittle wool. 

For more details on how to set the collar trap, we advise you to follow the advice of this blog.

Other techniques are also used such as crossing a ditch, burrowing, deer crossing, plough line...

The fox:

It is easily distinguished by its red color, its pointed ears and its elongated head. The fox is a predator that will prey on your chickens if it has the opportunity. Being a predator, its favorite preys are rabbits, hares, birds... The fox is also a carrier of the alveolar echinococcosis disease. 


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