Belisle trap in stainless steel

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Belisle Snare Trap in Stainless Steel + Belisle Trap in Stainless Steel

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Presentation of the Belisle INOX trap

The belisle traps on sale on our site are made of STAINLESS STEEL, i.e. they do not rust. This allows the trap to last longer and be as effective as ever. The belisle trap is a lace trap invented by a Canadian who gave it his name. Its shape and operation are similar to our old traps that are banned in France: the jaw traps. But unlike the jaw trap, the belisle trap retains the fox thanks to a lace designed for this purpose. The belisle trap is a trap designed in Canada and made there. Some Internet sites sell belisle traps at more attractive prices, but they are generally traps made in China or Asia and their quality is far from guaranteed. Like the belisle selective STAINLESS STEEL trap sold on our website, the belisle STAINLESS STEEL trap is made in Canada at the official manufacturer's in order to guarantee you a quality, robust and effective trap. The Belisle has inspired many French inventors and many lace traps are based on this trap.

The Belisle lace 

The belisle trap's laces are specific to this trap. It is imperative to use a belisle laces, and not another type of laces when using a belisle trap to catch foxes. The belisle laces on sale on our site Hénon Shop are approved and perfectly adapted for the belisle trap. However, remember to change the laces each time you catch a fox. It is important to keep a new laces to guarantee an effective capture. The proof that we sell quality belisle traps: the official manufacturer came directly from Canada to meet us!

How to use the belisle trap ?

First of all, care must be taken to ensure that the pallet is not obstructed and can be lowered correctly so that the trap can be triggered without difficulty. In France, the "heap of sand" method is regularly used. This means that a hole is dug where you want to place the trap and filled with fine sand, then a bait is put in and covered with sand. When the fox has come, we locate the place where it has walked and we place the belisle trap at that place. Two or three belisle traps can be placed there; and since the fox will have already come, it will be less suspicious. As is often the case on our site, we advise you to take a look at Le Journal du chasseur if you need more advice and tips on how to set the belisle trap. You will find in this blog, many ideas to set your traps.  Finally, you should know that other lace traps are on sale on Hénon Shop. The Billiard trap or the Hingiol trap are also very easy to use but they are also very robust and efficient!


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