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Batch of 25 Belisle snares

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25 snares for Belisle trap


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The laces for belisle traps :

When using a belisle trap, it is important to change the laces at each catch. A lace that has already been used is a lace that has been deformed, so it will be less effective in the next catches. In order to guarantee effective trapping, we therefore advise you to change your laces regularly. This set of 25 laces for belisle traps will allow you to hold on for a long time. They are designed and perfectly adapted for the belisle trap. Our belisle laces are designed to hold: they are sturdy and are made to be attached to a stake such as the chain kit. Be careful not to confuse and use them on another trap such as the Hingiol trap for example, as these laces are only made for the belisle trap. The belisle INOX trap sold on Hénon Shop is made in Canada, by the inventor and official manufacturer of the belisle trap. On the other hand, our laces for belisle traps are made in France in our workshops.

Presentation of the belisle trap :

Is it still necessary to present this lace trap? Most trappers are familiar with this Canadian trap, which has already proved its worth for a very long time now. In order to use a belisle trap, you need to be a certified trapper. It is a trap that adapts to all environments: forests, meadows, plains or even mountains. It is mainly used to trap foxes, but with a belisle trap you can also catch mustelids, especially weasels and sometimes crows, but this is not its main function.

The laying of this trap :

There are many different methods of setting the belisle trap. It depends on the environment in which you want to set your trap. However, there are many videos on Youtube and trapping articles that can help you and allow you to discover new techniques. The hunter's diary has a whole page dedicated to trapping techniques, this could help you. You might be interested in these products: One could almost say the Hingiol trap and the French cousin of the belisle trap. Its use is not really different and the returns are very good. Hénon Shop is the only manufacturer of the Hingiol trap and it is Made in France, so if you like the belisle trap, the Hingiol trap, but also the Billiard trap might interest you too!

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    Bonne qualité s’adapte parfaitement au pièges belise

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