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Billiard Trap, set of 6 with 20 laces

This set consists of 6 Billiard Coin + 20 spare laces.

Thanks to this lot, you will be able to trap the fox with several traps and you will have a total of 26 billiard laces at your disposal, which will allow you to trap the fox for a long time!

Fox trap with billiard laces

It's now more than twenty years since the billiard trap (also called PBR) was patented by Mr. Billard. The Hénon establishments have been manufacturing it since the early 2000s. We have sought to improve it to make it even more efficient and made it last over time. It is a lace trap made entirely of STAINLESS STEEL, which prevents it from rusting. We have developed a strong PBR spring to ensure that the fox is caught high enough at the leg. Over the years, the billiard lace trap has been perfected and has proven itself in the field. It is now very well known among trappers.
The billiard trap is an active trap that is very easy to use. Indeed, a simple push on the traction arm and the trap is set.

Good to know :

Powerful, it allows an excellent catch of foxes. The billiard lace trap can be placed in a manure pile, at the mass grave, in the open ground, in a small garden. Here is our video presentation of the PBR which will help you to know how to set it.
It is equipped with a paddle that is triggered by pressure from the animal; this will pull "the arm" and close the lace on the top of the animal's leg. The arm is fitted with a rotating nail and a false mesh to attach it to a chain kit and to prevent the fox from running away with the material .
Made of stainless steel, the lace billiard trap is robust, efficient, but above all it is a trap that does not rust, it is made to last! Over time, the only part that can get tired is the spring, especially if the trap has been stretched for a very long time. But rest assured, this part of the trap is made to be dismantled and changed very easily.
Each trap is supplied with one laces, so you will receive 20 laces when you order this set. There will also be an arm for each lace-up billiard trap.

Hénon Shop: historical manufacturer of the PBR
All the fox traps sold on our website are made in France in our workshops in Verton, and we have been doing this for almost twenty years now. We are happy to provide you with a quality fox trap 100% "made in France".
Approval number PH 807.


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