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The double dog carrier

Our entire range of double dog crates are manufactured in our workshops in Verton, France, using French quality and know-how to offer your dog all the comfort and safety he deserves.

The material used to build the double dog crate is aluminium, offering lightness and strength. This crate gives you the possibility to put two dogs in it thanks to its two separate compartments. Many models are already available, ranging from a width of 780 mm for the XS to a width of 1160 mm for the XXL.

Of course, if these measurements do not suit you, or if you have special requirements for your carrier, we also make custom crates, giving you great freedom of choice. We do our best to meet all our customers' needs. 

Ideal for all circumstances

The double dog crate is very practical for transporting your dogs. Thanks to its lightness, you can remove it from your crate whenever you need it completely, or when you want to clean it. Just spray the crate with water and it's clean! This is one of the many advantages of aluminium. In addition, putting your dogs in a double dog crate keeps the hair out of the car, so you don't have to vacuum them up often. 

Rubber mats are also supplied with the crate, which will give your dogs all the comfort they need!

In addition, you can choose between sides with air vents or gills, with handles or without handles. It all depends on where you put your dog carrier. Outside the vehicle, for example in a pick-up truck, it is best to choose sides with vents and without handles to prevent water from getting inside the crate, especially when it rains. The stainless steel screws and bolts will prevent rusting, providing a long life. 

Many accessories are also available for your double dog crate, such as the key lock option, which is very practical when your crate is outside the vehicle, to protect it from unwary people. 


An article in the Hunter's Journal explains the different methods of transporting dogs very well. A metal crate is the strongest and most efficient way of transporting animals. In the event of an impact, it will offer the greatest safety, as aluminium is a very strong material, unlike plastic crates for example.

In addition, if you had considered buying a harness, you should know that although your dog is tied up, it is not perfectly safe. In the event of an accident, he will be propelled onto the seat in front of him, and the harness, depending on its quality, could tear off.

Despite the high price tag, a crate is a very long-term investment that will allow you to move around without worrying about your pet on short or long journeys.

The law

Article R 412-6 stipulates that the driver must be able to carry out all the manoeuvres required of him, and that no passenger must reduce his field of vision. This article is not precise, but we can understand that the animal can be considered as a passenger in its own right. It may distract you from performing certain manoeuvres or reduce your field of vision. As a result, you may be fined by a law enforcement officer if you leave your pet loose in your vehicle.

Being a dog carrier holder only brings good things!