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Your Hénon duck feeder !

On our site, you have the choice between two duck feeders, even if their main difference is their capacity, with one at 60L and the other at 280L. The other difference to note is that the 280L one has an anti-angler bar system.

Of course, they can be used for small game in general as well as chickens.

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These feeders are made of sheet steel and painted khaki green, making them resistant and better concealed. They are made to last over time. 

How to use it?

The principle of the duck feeder is simple. It is a metal tank designed to feed animals in one place. 

So you can place it, for example, in your pen and then fill it with grain. It's as simple as that, place it, fill it and close it. This feeder is designed to hold maize, sunflower, wheat or any other grain mixture. So if you're feeding small game, no more cups or spirals at the bottom of your jump! Moreover, for this purpose, you can just as easily place it in the plain or in the forest, especially if your feeders are often visited by wild boars.

A tip if you place your feeder in the plain, hide it to make it less visible to passers-by. Note that it is already painted green, making it easier to hide in the countryside. Also remember not to put it in a place that is difficult to access so that it can be replenished easily.

The 280L, more than a duck feeder

This feeder is designed to let ducks, pheasants, chickens, etc. through, but not wild boars! The bars around the container (which are welded together) prevent wild boar from helping themselves.

Its shape and weight also allow it to resist the attacks that a boar could make.