Set of 3 stainless steel Hingiol traps with laces + 5 free laces

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Set of 3 stainless steel Hingiol traps with laces + 5 free laces

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Smart purchase: 3 Hingiol fox traps & their laces + 5 free laces


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The Hingiol trap

Technical data :

  • Dimensions of the trap : 22 cm x 23 cm
  • Pallet dimensions: 5.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Metal trap with leg lace.
  • Triggering is by pallet
  • Easy to arm and set up 

The Hingiol fox trap is an efficient fox trap, which works with a lace, and is made of stainless steel and galvanised steel, which protects the material from corrosion. The Hingiol fox trap is therefore robust and reliable in all circumstances. 

It is relatively simple to arm and does not trip unintentionally. It is an efficient fox trap that offers high performance, the capture rate is higher than for cages for example. It is also respectful of the animal, since this effective fox trap does not injure or kill it. 

It is a proven trap that is recognised by many trappers. It is also more powerful than the Belisle trap. This fox trap is effective as an identified predator and is registered under the number 830.

Hénon Shop is the official manufacturer of the Hingiol trap. This product is patented and has already largely proven itself, it is an efficient fox trap which comes directly from the creator, whose concept has been taken over. 

Advice for use :

In case of capture, wear gloves to protect yourself from the risks of bites and diseases that can be transmitted by foxes, including alveolar echiconoccosis. You can find details of all the different ways to trap foxes in the hunter's diary, including Hingiol, which, due to its high catch rate, is an effective fox trap. 

As far as laying techniques are concerned, you can place it in a mass grave, in a dunghill, in a sand heap, in the ground... The "false burrow" technique is also very effective and easy to carry out with a few basic tools. Advice on this technique.

Before starting your trapping plan, remember to put your approval number on the base of your Hingiol trap. Also remember to degrease your effective fox traps by brushing them with soapy water. Rinse it thoroughly and leave it to rest in boiling water for about 10 minutes. On the contrary, after you have used your trap, add paraffin to your water to leave a thin film of beeswax on the Hingiol trap.

To maximize your chances of success, change the laces on your trap after each use.


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Based on 16 reviews

  • 5

    au top pour les renards

  • 5

    Un peut cher mes tres bon produits

  • 4


  • 5

    Piège installé quelques jours après, mais pour l'instant pas encore de prise, patience oblige. Piège qui fonctionne très bien à l'essai.

  • 5

    Piège nerveux, plus efficace que le beslile de chez Gallier qui à un diamètre de fil trop faible.

  • 5

    Tout est très bien

  • 5

    Conforme a la commande !!

  • 5


  • 4

    tres bon materielle de calitee

  • 5

    Très bien, merci beaucoup

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